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Our story

Our mission goes beyond mother earth's fingerprint, beyond countertops. We want to invest in our community and our employees.  

In 2004, Georges Korkomaz moved to Canada from Lebanon with his wife Joanne Korkomaz who was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Before coming to Nova Scotia, Georges was a practicing architect while Joanne was a student at Dalhousie University, working towards a law degree.

After blending their worlds, the two felt ambitious, passionate and determined to combine their skills and start their journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

Georges and Joanne became serial entrepreneurs owning and operating several businesses throughout Nova Scotia. One of their most successful businesses includes Living Stone. Living Stone started with a very modest beginning while Georges and Joanne lived with family. Joanne was operating the office from a bedroom in a small apartment and Georges was fabricating stone from a garage using a hand tool and no running water. As the business grew, Georges was able to sponsor his brother to come to Canada in 2007 to be part of the business and its expansion which helped further the success of the business.

It was pure dedication, determination and heart that allowed Georges and Joanne to shape Living Stone into what it is today. Living Stone has grown to become one of the largest stone importers and fabricators in Atlantic Canada, with over 50 thousand square feet of warehouse and fabrication space, and over 80 employees servicing the commercial and residential industry. Living Stone is proud to deliver and service all Canadians.

Georges and Joanne say that the most rewarding part of their journey is the creation of employment opportunities and building a legacy, accrediting all the members of Living Stone.

All members of Living Stone are the heart of the company and it is these members that carry Living Stone forward. Their hard work, passion and ability to carry Georges and Joanne’s values and standards forward is unprecedented.

Once you work with Livingstone you become part of the family 

We love what we do and look forward to working with you soon!

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We stock more than 2000 slabs of stone from our reputable suppliers.

Why choose
Living Stone?

From our incredible inventory of stone, to our state of the art fabrication processes, we are more than just natural stone. We take pride in our work and love what we do. From start to finish, our team is dedicated and ready to put the finishing touches on your new build or renovation.


Living Stone is family owned and operated, and we want to make you part of our family. We’d love to be part of your project and help make you dream a reality.


Living Stone, finishing what nature started.

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